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Safe Reflections Inc.’s Patented Reflective Technology Featured on Frito-Lay Limited-Edition Halloween Bags

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

St. Paul, MN (October 24, 2019): St. Paul Area Business, Safe Reflections Inc., was recently recruited by Plano, Texas-based Frito-Lay during the development of its first-ever limited-edition reflective trick-or-treat bag. The Halloween bag, created in an effort to raise awareness around the issue of children’s safety, features patented reflective technology crafted by local engineers.

Using two of their patented products, Brilliant® 4000 and Brilliant® Image Ready Reflective Material, Safe Reflections Inc. replaces traditional reflective tape with technology that reflects nearly 100% of light back to the source. 

To create the bags, engineers used optical-grade glass bead reflective material, then applied a patented coating that allows for digital printing directly on the surface of the glass bead reflective.

“Wearing white clothing at night doesn’t afford any amount of visibility. White is a 1 on the Reflective Brightness (RA) scale. Any other color is a ZERO. All Brilliant Reflective material is 300+, The idea that our reflective technology is incorporated into a product that may save a child’s life is humbling.”

The bag is available for $19.99 at, the reflective bag comes with helpful Halloween safety tips.

About Safe Reflections, Inc. 
Safe Reflections Inc. is a global technology leader in providing reflective solutions to the occupational safety, military training and consumer activewear apparel markets. Founded in 1993, Safe Reflections converts purchased reflective material for the world’s leading manufacturers of uniforms, safety clothing, and athletic apparel to enhance the wearer’s visibility during outdoor work or play. With a globally patented line of unique Brilliant® colorized reflective transfers, trims and fabrics, Safe Reflections gives clothing designers new options to integrate safety, visibility and fashion. Safe Reflections operates a manufacturing and technical research facility in Minnesota, a second stand-alone manufacturing facility in Taiwan, and a sales office in Germany.

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