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Safe Reflections Announces the Launch of SRI Labs, the Industry-Leading Source for Innovative Reflective and Visibility Solutions

Monday, July 19, 2021

Safe Reflections Inc® (SRI), a leading US-based manufacturer of branded reflective and high visibility safety materials whose mission is keeping people around the world safe by integrating high visibility solutions into the brands they wear is excited to announce the launch of SRI Labs.

SRI Labs is a technology center dedicated to the advancement of innovative reflective and visibility solutions for the industry. For over 30 years, SRI has been the market leader in reflective and visibility solutions across a wide range of applications. SRI Labs has now been established as the premier source for companies who are seeking unique solutions to problems that others cannot solve. “SRI Labs represents our latest advancement in how we support our customers and the industry in future applications, industry changes, and technological innovation.” Says SRI Lab chief Aaron Brannan. “Our mission and purpose as a lab is to take on the most difficult challenges our customers encounter in providing high performing visibility to workwear and make them possible to overcome.”

Working with SRI Labs, our customers can expect to work with industry-leading technical and engineering team members supported by a modern lab with advanced testing capabilities. SRI Labs’ mission is focused on Innovation, Regulations and Material Science, Problem Solving and Content, and Education. These four key core capabilities ensure our customers can leverage the latest in technology advancements and new applications regardless of how complex or simple. SRI Labs goes beyond innovation by supporting the industry through research, participation in forums, regulation development, and best practice education. As your trusted source for safety and visibility solutions and education, SRI Labs has the information available to ensure our customers get the right solution for whatever their use.

Talk to an SRI rep for samples, a price quote, or to learn more about SRI Labs:

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