bob koppesCreated by an innovator and entrepreneur driven to help people.

While volunteering as an EMT at his local fire department, Safe Reflections founder and 3M chemical engineer Bob Koppes discovered there was insufficient reflective material on garments worn by his fellow first responders. After developing some new adhesives to allow reflective trims to adhere to work uniforms, Bob quickly realized the widespread need for highly visible garments across many industries.

In 1993 he opened Safe Reflections Inc., to provide a higher level of visibility to people who work, play or defend in nighttime and low-light conditions. From this small beginning, Safe Reflections has developed many breakthrough technologies and proprietary products, supplying the garment industry with custom reflective trims, graphic transfer Logos and reflective rolled goods.

Today, as the global industry leader, Safe Reflections daily continues to innovate, energize and drive the visibility industry.


Safe Reflections is founded by former 3M inventor Bob Koppes to provide reflective materials increase worker visibility.


Launched full line of Tribondex adhesives for reflective heat transfers.


Safe Reflections granted a U.S. Patent for Airex®, the first breathable, segmented reflective trim.


Introduction of Eclipse digital reflective heat transfers.


Safe Reflections begins contract manufacturing patented Airex® technology for global distribution.


Safe Reflections invents the first wash-durable, high brightness color reflective material


Safe Reflections granted U.S. Patent for Brilliant® Color Reflective.


Introduced Brilliant® Color Stretch


Introduced Eclipse 1231 Full-width Reflective Pattern Fabric.

Introduced Iridescent Stretch Reflective Material.

Launched full line of Brilliant® Color Reflective fabrics.