Safe Reflections is founded by former 3M™ inventor Bob Koppes…


Launched full line of Tribondex™ adhesives for reflective heat transfers.


Safe Reflections granted a U.S. Patent for Airex®, the first…


Introduction of Eclipse™ digital reflective heat transfers.


Safe Reflections begins contract manufacturing patented Airex® technology for global…

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safe·ty /sāftē/
the condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury

Helping to prevent injury or death by oncoming vehicles is in our DNA, it is the root of our culture and the inspiration for our vision of a world with reflective on everything people wear, carry, or ride.

To do this Safe Reflections has been partnering with the occupational safety industry for more than 25 years to provide the most innovative, durable, and brightest reflective solutions on the market.

Our dedication to innovation has been recognized with a number of patents.

Airex® is a registered trademark of Safe Reflections, Inc.
US Patent No US6859941B2 and US6974610B1

Brilliant® is a registered trademark of Safe Reflections, Inc.
US Patent No US8470394B2 and WIPO No WO2015030770A1

Tribondex is a trademark of Safe Reflections, Inc.
US Patent No US6859941 B2 and US6974610 B1

3M and Scotchlite are trademarks of 3M Company and its affiliates.


The world is our community, so we take steps to give back.

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